Broadway Beyond 2000 Theatre Restaurant Audition Form

Please note there are limited spots available in each time slot. Prima will endeavour to allocate you to your first preference, however this may not always be possible. Your audition time slot will be confirmed shortly after your registration is submitted. If you have any queries in relation to your audition time slot, please contact
Terms & Conditions: (1) All Cast Members are required to become a financial member of Prima. Annual membership is $40. (2) All Cast Members are required to pay a Production Fee for each production they participate in. The Production Fee is $40. (3) It is a requirement that cast members attend all rehearsals to which they are called. Failure to attend three rehearsals without prior notice or acceptable reason may result in the performer being removed from the production. (4) All Cast Members give consent for images and video footage to be used for publicity purposes. (5) All Cast Members must abide by the constitution rules of the Pine Rivers Musical Association Incorporated.